Due to USPS shipping delays, we are not shipping pecan pies at this time.

We hope to resolve this issue quickly.

Thank you for your understanding.

We Ship Pecan Pies Throughout the US

How it Works:

Each pie is $25 plus postage.

The cost of postage depends on where it is sent and how many are sent in one box.

For one pie, the average postage cost is $9-$12.


We don't take orders online at this time, so call us if you want to ship one at 318-776-5178.


Information we get over the phone is who the pie is being shipped to, your mailing address, and credit card number with expiration date.

We also have note cards that we can include with a personalized note from you. 

We run the card for the pie, ship it from the Post Office and run the card again when I have the exact amount of postage.

We don't keep credit card numbers on file, so that part is shredded after you have been charged.

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