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About Our Menu

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This is Lea in the late twenties. He opened a gas station in Cheneyville that would grow into Lea's Lunchroom, Inc. When he started out, he thought travelers would need a bite to eat, so he created a ham sandwich made from ground and thinly sliced ham, added mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle and voila, the Lea's ham sandwich was introduced. He served it with milk in frozen glasses. Georgie came along and made a pie a day.

Since he was a gas stop along the major highway at that time, he limited what he offered to sandwiches, pie and popcorn. Bonnie and Clyde were regular customers. Georgie remembers them, but she didn't know about their career choice until after they were gunned down in north Louisiana. 

During WWII, food rations made it difficult to keep up with the sandwiches. In 1951, Lea and Georgie moved Lea's to were it is today; another small town on the same major highway.

Although they had moved to a larger space, being that all of Lea's customers were travelers, he kept the menu limited. 93 years later, nothing has changed. It keeps things simple. So, yes, we have a limited menu; and, yes, it is on a chalkboard.


Baked ham is always a choice on the plate lunch, served with two other choices of meat and three sides.  Each day, other than the ham, it is a different menu. On Sundays, we serve the baked ham with your choice of baked turkey or fried chicken with cornbread dressing and two vegetables.

Of course, we always have the ham sandwiches or ham and cheese sandwiches on the menu as well. Sometimes we serve a pork roast sandwich, which is a favorite of mine. All are served on a five inch hamburger bun. We make our own pies, but not our own bread. :) 

We can't forget about how we start off our days with a yummy breakfast. In Lecompte, we serve breakfast from 7AM until 10:30 AM. The location in Monroe, serves breakfast all day. 

Please note that the lunch line closes 30 minutes before our closing time. You can get sandwiches or pie to dine in up until a quarter of the hour, then sandwiches or pies are to go. Thank you!

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(This is a sample of a weekday menu choices.

Lunch plate prices do vary.)

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