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Our Homemade Pies

When we say "homemade", we mean homemade from scratch!

The dough is rolled out by hand and we crack the eggs. 

(That's about all I can give away.)

How to Order


Give us a call!

It is always best to order pies in advance to ensure you get the kind you want, especially during holiday season.


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Pecan: Sweet southern pecans make up one of our hallmark pies. The sweet spot center fills a flaky crust, topped with crunchy pecans. Some say this pie topped with ice cream adds to the flavor, but it can stand on its own. This pie is one of our best sellers and never disappoints. 

Apple: Homemade as apple pie says it all. Juicy apples are simmered in a flavorful sauce and poured into a sweet crust, covered with a second crust before baking to a sweet golden color.


Peach: The sweet deliciousness of sliced peaches is highlighted with the savory taste of nutmeg and cinnamon. This pie never goes out of style. It is made with a double crust.


Bumbleberry: Talk about a party! This double crust pie is a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. With all this fruit, it must be good for the soul. More tart than sweet, it is our newest pie on the list and a favorite of many.


Cherry: It’s all about the cherries. Red tart cherries make this double crust pie a must try.


Coconut Meringue: This is one of our best sellers. The filling is mixed with sweet snowflake coconut. The meringue is also topped with coconut and baked to a golden brown.


Chocolate Meringue: A personal favorite of mine! We have a secret ingredient that makes our chocolate pies tastier that others. Can’t tell you the secret, but I can say it’s delicious!


Lemon Meringue: This pie was Ms. Georgie’s favorite. We use the biggest lemons nature can produce which are squeezed into a perfect filling.


Pumpkin: This is a seasonal pie that we start baking November through December of each year. 

Note: We do not take pie orders online. Please give us a call at one of our locations to place an order. Thank you much!

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